Россия, 350001, г. Краснодар, ул. Фурманова, 1,
тел./факс (861) 211-20-55, тел. 239-62-52

Head of the enterprise Volontyrets Oleg Aleksandrovich.

The construction company "Grazhdanstroy" is modern, dynamically developing enterprise. From the beginning of its history the construction management company grew in completely independent organization capable to conduct building of objects of any complexity for the industries, agro-industrial complex, the social sphere, to carry out reconstruction and major maintenance of any object. Today more than 600 people work in the company. Generally they are the young specialists receiving skills of practical production at the enterprise. In the future young people become high-grade experts. Such approach is considered as investments into future of the enterprise.

There are more than 100 units of modern cars and construction mechanisms in the enterprise’s own park of motor transport and special equipment. That gives the opportunity to carry out all works on transportations of people, equipment and materials and also to carry out complete mechanization of any construction works.

The company "Grazhdanstroy" is capable to provide a full complex of works on construction of objects in Krasnodar and Krasnodar area both as the general contractor and as the customer builder.

The company carries out a full cycle of installation and construction works, finishing and special works on device of engineering systems, ventilation, conditioning, heating, water supply and the sewerage, and also power supply and electric lighting networks.

The park of cars and mechanisms, adjusted technologies and qualified experts allow to carry out quality works for reasonable prices in a short time.

The serious approach gives the company a chance to achieve stable dynamics of development, to make serious plans for the future and to develop the construction business reliably and qualitatively, with confidence in tomorrow.

The company uses the latest domestic and foreign technologies developed for reconstruction and construction of buildings.

Through years the company stored extensive practical experience of industrial, civil and special purpose building.

The business reputation of the company "Grazhdanstroy" was formed on faultless implementation of the taken obligations. Monitoring of quality of made works occurs at all stages - from design to input of objects in operation.

"Grazhdanstroy" is the member of the self-regulating organizations on construction and design and as has certificates of conformity of quality management system ISO 9001-2008, systems of ecological management ISO 14001-2007, system of management of professional safety and health protection OUSAS 18001:2007.

Head of the enterprise: Volontyrets Oleg Aleksandrovich +7(861) 211-20-55
Technological department: +7(861) 239-62-51 pto@gstroi.ru
Budget and contractual department: +7 (861) 211-23-78 sdo@gstroi.ru
Logistics department: +7(861) 239-62-53 snab@gstroi.ru
Financial and accounting department: +7 (861) 239-61-59 bux@gstroi.ru
The general department: info@gstroi.ru